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Bone Lace Series

Lace is a material rich in cultural significance with connotations of purity innocence and religious symbolism. In the Victorian era when the production and demand for lace was its peak it was common for lace makers to resort to prostitution to supplement their income. When Lace was first introduced to Ireland it was through women's workhouses sheltering 'fallen women'  who were sent into confinement on account of being immoral or impure. 
Bone Lace, an intricate form of openwork required the aid of lace making bobbins in its construction. The bobbins were traditionally made from bobbins containing inscriptions carved into their surface.These inscriptions were created by driling a series of smal l holes into the surface of the bones and later filling the incisions with ink. The processes and materials employed in the construction of my work all take inspiration from the forgotten craft of lace making.
Bone lace series investigates the close relationship between lace and prostitution, revealing a conflicting underside to the virtuous material. My work asserts our compusion to gaze at what should disturb us, deaing with the tensions that lie between beauty and repulsion, curiosity and discomfort, desire and disgust.
Bones of contention, 2015
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